Welcome to Primary Medical Staffing, Inc.

Primary Medical Staffing, Inc. is a Home Health Agency that provides dedicated professionals and home health services to patient in their private residencies in both Dade and Broward counties, FL.  Our staff is diligent in offering safe, courteous and caring services to our patients.  We want to serve you. PMSI home health services is the primary agency of choice to provide flexible and reliable care programs for patients of all ages with varying health conditions.  We value every moment that we are privileged to serve clients in their homes.  We meet the specific needs of the disabled, the injured, the elderly and the chronically ill.


Primary Medical Staffing, Inc. Home Health Care Services believes accessibility to the best professionals guarantees the company’s success. When you are with Primary Medical Staffing, Inc., your health security is maintained by professionals.  You can trust our staff to provide the most accurate and safe methods of caring for your loved one.


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